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Human skin is a miraculous thing. It protects us from the harsh weather – be it driving wind or drying UV rays from the sun – and it even stretches with facial expressions and physical changes. Inevitably, over the years, the skin will begin to show age. Fine lines appear, deep creases show up along the forehead and around the eyes, and suddenly we look our age. Botox Cosmetic is the number one, non-invasive treatment for fighting the dynamic wrinkles that come after years of smiling, frowning, and worrying. But how well do you know Botox? Do you know how it affects the quality of targeted skin?

How does Botox Cosmetic affect the skin?

Research has pinpointed three important, biomechanical features of the skin: strength, pliability (or the ability to stretch), and elasticity (or the ability to recoil to its original shape). Over time, as the natural production of collagen and elastin dwindles, these three features also diminish. As the skin no longer stretches and recoils, wrinkles begin to appear.
Botox injections, while easing muscle movement and therefore relaxing wrinkles, also makes significant changes to the skin itself. The injectable increases the skin’s pliability, or the power for plumping and stretching. The ability to recoil, or bounce back to its youthful shape, also improves significantly. The temporary changes seen with Botox closely mimic those of more youthful skin.

The Limitations of Botox
Botox Cosmetic has a unique ability to flatten dynamic wrinkles, smoothing skin and restoring a refreshed appearance. This means that in less than half an hour, without pain or downtime, men and women can quickly and easily recreate younger looking skin with Botox Cosmetic.
Unfortunately, within four months of a Botox treatment, the skin will return to its previous condition. This may sound frustrating, but a simple and fast repeat treatment with Botox Cosmetic can maintain the results, with your skin never missing a step. Over time, as the associated muscle movement’s decrease, wrinkles in this area may improve on their own. Plus, should you be unhappy with the results from Botox injections, they are only temporary and skin will return to its original state in only a few months.

The best way to find out if Botox Cosmetic is right for you will be to speak with an experienced Botox provider.
I offer free no obligation consultations, where I can advise on which treatments would be best suited to your needs. So contact me today on 07505520049. Diane

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My name is Diane Gill. Through personal experience I know how important it is to look good for your age. Whether it’s the difference between getting that dream job and meeting your soul mate, first impressions are always important. I have been a qualified midwife for 14 years. This work gave me the competence to perform the aesthetic procedures with confidence. I completed extensive training with Medics Direct to gain my aesthetic practitioner qualification, and have carried out treatments on numerous satisfied clients. I specialize in Anti Ageing injections and Dermal Filler treatments to enhance your natural beauty, Anti Ageing & Dermal Filler treatments can give you a fresh, appearance that gives you the confidence you deserve. I work as a mobile practitioner, enabling you to feel relaxed and comfortable within your own home. I am a friendly, professional person that will provide you with the support and information you require during your Anti Ageing or Dermal Filler Treatments, to feel safe in my hands.

Years Younger Treatments