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Dermal Filler Treatments

Dermal Filler Treatments With Years Younger – Diane Gill

Dermal fillers from Years Younger can be ideal for enhancing natural looks by restoring volume, creating softness and revitalising appearance.

As the skin matures it loses its elasticity causing facial expressions to develop lines and hollows. Common examples are the lines at the side of the mouth from the nose to the sides of the mouth. Dermal fillers are safe injectable gels which provide hydration and structure to smooth away the appearance of lines, wrinkles and creases, and enhance facial shape. They are used to plump up and temporarily fill in these lines which have developed, and can be used alone or in combination with botulinum toxin.

Dermal Fillers are either composed of hyaluronic acid or collagen, both of which are naturally occurring in the skin. Depending on which product is chosen, the longevity of the product can be between nine and eighteen months.

There are different brands of dermal filler available and each brand typically offers different variants of their product to suit different treatments. For example, the product for lip enhancement will be different to that for fine lines around the eyes, or to that used for the backs of hands.

Many patients have one or two areas of concern that they wish to have treated whilst others choose to have a full rejuvenation – not to look different, but to look refreshed, and well, a better version of themselves!

Dermal fillers are popular treatments for wrinkles and facial lines such as:

  • The frown lines
  • Peri-oral lines (fine lines at the around the lips)
  • Smile lines around the eyes
  • Smile lines around the mouth / pits
  • Marionette lines ( the vertical lines that go from both sides of lower lips to chin)
  • Nose to mouth lines

Dermal fillers are also used to shape and define facial structures such as the:

  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Jowls

Fillers will usually last around 6 to 9 months. In my years of experience I have found that Teosyal Deep Lines is the best filler to reduce deep lines and to effectively plump and volumise the lips and cheeks. Teosyal filler contains lidocaine which is a mild anesthetic, this can help reduce any discomfort that can sometimes be experienced during treatment. 

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